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Association for Collaborative Leadership (ACL) Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the Board to provide direction to the Executive Director. It serves as the operations oversight committee and receives regular reports from the Standing Committee chairs.

Chair: Stig Lanesskog, The Claremont Colleges Services, ACL President

Members: Cole Woodcox, Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges and ACL Secretary;  Diane Dimitroff, Lehigh Valley Association of Independent College and ACL Treasurer; Claire Ramsbottom, Colleges of the Fenway and Past President; Mickey McDonald, Great Lakes Colleges Association; Cristin Toutsi Grigos, Association of Governing Boards of Universities & Colleges; Sarah Pfatteicher, Five Colleges, Inc.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee oversees matters related to the makeup, recruitment, orientation, structure, and effectiveness of the ACL Board of Directors, and ensures the use of best governance practices in ACL’s affairs.

Chair: Cristin Toutsi Grigos, Association of Governing Boards of Universities & Colleges

Members: Larry Dotolo, Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Higher Education; Kiernan Mathews, Faculty Advancement Network of the Ivy Plus Consortium.

Professional Development Chair

One of the ACL's primary goals is to develop the skills and talents of those working in higher education collaborations and leading higher education consortia. The chair of Professional Development works with the three subcommittees focused on this work to ensure synergy between our efforts.

Professional Development Chair: Mickey McDonald, Great Lakes Colleges Association


Professional Development Subcommittees

Virtual Professional Development Committee

The Virtual Professional Development Committee plans and delivers periodic professional development programs in webinar, podcast, and other virtual formats. Their series of virtual programs provide deeper coverage of conference topics and issues that emerge from member feedback.

Chairs: Vicki McGillin, Gardner Institute

Members: Suronda Gonzalez, Upstate New York College Collaboration; Cate Harriman, Boston Library Consortium; Charlie Barlow, Boston Library Consortium; Mickey McDonald, Great Lakes Colleges Association; Said Sewell, Atlanta University Center; Deborah Obalil, Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design; Sarah Wyatt, Tulsa Higher Education Consortium; Jim Yankech, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

2023 Annual Conference Committee

The annual conference planning committee aids the conference host in planning the content of the annual conference. Planning efforts build shared knowledge in conference sessions through interactive learning

Members: Vicki McGillin, Gardner Institute; Cole Woodcox, Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges and ACL Secretary; Angie Whiteside, Gardner Institute; Claire Bailey, Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges

2022 Summer Institute Committee

The ACL Summer Institute equips leaders of higher education collaborative organizations with leadership skills and approaches through a well-defined body of knowledge regarding evidence-based high-impact practices in collaborative leadership

Faculty: Stig Lanesskog, The Claremont Colleges Services; Claire Ramsbottom, Colleges of the Fenway; Keith Marshall, Big Ten Academic Alliance, Mia Alonzo, The Claremont Colleges Services Consortium

Standing Committees

Finance Committee

The purpose of the ACL Finance Committee is to work with the treasurer to oversee the financial health of the ACL organization. Members of this committee work to advise the board of directors, recommend budgets and activities, and strategize the long-term financial goals of the organization.

Chair: Diane Dimitroff, Lehigh Valley Association of Independent College

Members: Stig Lanesskog, The Claremont Colleges Services; Corrina Noelke, Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium; Brian Williams, Associated Colleges of the Midwest; Sarah Pfatteicher, Five Colleges, Inc.; Mickey McDonald, Great Lakes Colleges Association. 

Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee

The ACL Membership Recruitment and Renewal Committee works with the Finance Committee and ACL management to develop and implement strategies and initiative-optimizing ACL membership recruitment and renewal.

Chair: Charlie Barlow, Boston Library Consortium 

Members: Claire Ramsbottom, Colleges of the Fenway and Past President; Karina Chavez, Pittsburgh College on Higher Education.

Knowledge Committee

The ACL Knowledge Creation Committee facilitates the curation and study of current and emerging practices in higher education collaboration. The Committee  deepens understanding of the value, principles, practices, and evaluation of collaboration in higher education. The following comprises the primary scope of the committee's activities: 

1. Curate knowledge created by others that are related to ACL's interests; 

2. Make explicit the latent knowledge carried among members. For many the knowledge is second nature, but to others, it doesn't come naturally; 

Secondarily, when committee capacity exists, the following comprise the secondary scope of the committee’s activities:

3. Strengthen evidence-based practice among leaders of collaboration; 

4. Identify outlets for disseminating knowledge, e.g. HGSE's programs in professional, education, CIC president/CAO institutes 

5. Outreach to scholars to make them aware of ACL members as study sites 

Members: Zoe Wyner, The Professional Arts Consortium; LLC; Jeanine Went, Higher Education Consortium of Central Massachusetts; Ray Rennard, Five College Consortium; Said Sewell, Atlanta University Center Consortium; Michelle Apuzzio, New American Colleges & Universities

New Member Services Committee

The Member Services Committee welcomes new members to ACL and engages them through a new member support group providing outreach, networking, and professional development for new members (whether new individuals in an existing member organization or new organizations).

Co-Chairs: Martha Malinski, Association of Colleges of Sisters of St. Joseph; Cole Woodcox, Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges.

Marketing Committee

The ACL Marketing Committee works with the ACL Board and ACL management to oversee the development and implementation of strategies to optimize the awareness of ACL programs and initiatives by both members and the broader higher education community.

Chair: Corie Dugas, NELLCO Law Library Consortium 

Members: Kitty Kennedy, The Boston Consortium;  Brian Williams, Associated Colleges of the Midwest; Omar Acevedo, Five Colleges, Inc.

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee assists businesses and service providers in supporting the educational mission of ACL through sponsorships of our annual conference and webinar program. Our committee members help sponsors communicate their solutions and products to more than 400 colleges and universities represented by ACL members to help them control costs, collaborate on academic and administrative innovation, and share a wide range of services.

Members: Please consider volunteering!

Technology Advisory Committee

The Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) Committee researches, evaluates, and recommends technological solutions that cost-effectively aid in the fulfillment of ACL’s mission and goals. 

Co-Chairs: Carrie Gradin, LVAIC; Steph Wilson, Claremont Colleges Services; Joarvi Edwards, Five Colleges Consortium

Members: Please consider volunteering!

Ad Hoc Committees

Strategic Planning Task Force 

Chair: Stig Lanesskog, The Claremont Colleges Services

Members:  Kiernan Mathews, Faculty Advancement Network of the Ivy Plus Consortium.

Association for Collaborative Leadership is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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