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How will I access my sessions through Zoom?

1. You will receive a specific URL via email on Monday, October 26. Click on it (or type it into your browser), and you will be able to access links to all Zoom sessions. 

2. If you join before the meeting begins, you will be directed to the "waiting room" until the session starts.

Zoom Setup:

Note: For the best possible experience, it is highly recommended you install Zoom client for all operating systems rather than using the browser version. 

Visit Zoom’s download center to ensure you have the most up-to-date version:

Closed captions and live transcriptions will be made available with Rev Live Captions. Instructions for using this service can be found here: Rev Live Captions User Guide

During the session:

Consider Updating your Profile to share YOUR NAME and INSTITUTION:

1. Click on the "Participants" icon at the bottom of the window 

2. Hover your mouse over your name then click RENAME

3. You should see a text box containing your current name. Delete it and write your name & institution

4. Click OK to confirm.

How to Ask Questions:

Option 1: Chat 

You can join the discussion with other attendees by sending messages to "Everyone" or you can chat privately with the host by selecting their name from the dropdown list. 

(The look/location of the dropdown list may vary based on your device)

Option 2: Q&A (Webinar only) 

Following the speaker/panelist discussions, there will be Q&A during the Sessions. 

We request participants to use the Q&A panel, located on the right of the Zoom window. If not shown, click on the Icon Description automatically generated icon to enable the Q&A panel. 

You can post your questions in the Q&A window at any time during the Session. At the appropriate time, the Moderator will select and ask the presenter to answer questions within the allotted timeframe of the Session. 

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Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes. Sessions being held in Zoom Webinar will not record video and audio from participants, but will record both from designated panelists or speakers. Sessions being held in Zoom Meeting will display participant video and audio when turned on. All participants will receive a prompt to provide consent to be recorded upon entering the Zoom Session.

I need help accessing the event. Who should I contact?

You can reach Blair Sullivan during the conference week via email at

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