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Pushing the Boundaries of Collaboration: What Consortia Can Accomplish

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From the Editor: By pushing the boundaries of higher education, consortia have the opportunity to engage in partnerships to improve the overall mission of the consortium. This publication emphasizes the high quality of projects that consortia throughout the country have achieved in an effort to enhance higher education. The sustainable projects and institutions working together is highlighted by the authors in their chapters and are unique in structure that can be duplicated in other regions of the U.S. and beyond. Many of the authors stress the importance of the collaborative process, leading us to believe that when we share information and knowledge, we have a unified vision of success for all partners associated with the consortium. Several of the projects in this publication clearly demonstrate the ingenuity and entrepreneurship that exists in consortia and how they have had a major impact on higher education. The efforts of these consortia to promote significant cooperation, both internally and externally, are admirable and give us a sense of what consortia can accomplish. The authors collectively share their expertise and lessons learned to provide a foundation to enrich the future for all consortia.

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