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Organization Member is available to any organization, formal or informal, that is engaged in the coordination of collaborative endeavors by colleges and universities. Membership lives at the organizational level, and any affiliates of your organization will have full access to your organization's membership when you add them as a member of your bundle.

Individual Membership is available to those who are not affiliated with or employed by an ACL-eligible member organization but have demonstrated a sustained interest in the activities of ACL. If you work for a consortium, collaborative, center or other similar organization, you are ineligible for Individual Membership, as your organization would need to join as a member. 

Small Consulting Partner Membership Available to consultants who independently operate or work at a company with 3.0 FTE or fewer consultants. Eligible to those who have a sustained interest in the activities of ACL and collaboration in higher education. This membership category is invited to participate in the activities of ACL but restricted from service on the Board of Directors or chairing ACL committees. All ACL members, including independent consultants are prohibited from resharing proprietary ACL information, profiting from ACL membership, or promoting services through ACL lists.

ACL’S annual fall conference and quarterly webinars bring together consortium executive directors and principal staff who regularly serve as the initiators and organizers of these ventures. Sponsoring these educational programs offers businesses an exceptional targeted opportunity to reach this influential audience and their member colleges and universities with products and services supporting higher education.

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