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News from the President

The Association for Collaborative Leadership (ACL) serves as a resource to drive innovation
and efficiency in Higher Education. Since its founding, the diverse membership shares best
practices, lessons learned and other insights that enable colleges and universities to

At our core, we are a professional development organization. We provide programming and
other resources to build the capacity of those who wish to explore collaboration. Our members,
while primarily consortia, are extremely diverse in their size, scope and the types of institutions
they serve. We often joke that “if you have seen one consortium you have seen one
consortium.” This diversity allows us to illustrate the many ways institutions can be successful.
Whether the goal is to reduce costs, increase efficiencies or provide a new offering, ACL can
share an example of a successful initiative. And likely one that failed and the reasons why.
The need and interest in the work we do is significantly increasing. Financial challenges within
Higher Education and the overall desire to do more with the same or less, has led many
institutions to seek partnerships of these types as an alternative to simply cost cutting within
their individual institutions.

On behalf of Board of Directors and members of ACL, we welcome you to explore the
opportunities we can provide to you. We offer a robust professional development program, both
online and in person, and our membership strives to make its insights available to others
through shared resource library and direct conversations.

We look forward to engaging you in this important work.

Stig Lanesskog, ACL President