ACL is devoted to the advancement of collaboration in higher education and the growth and development of the professionals who work in higher education consortia.

Consortia in higher education can look very different from one another yet at their core they aim to accomplish two goals for their member colleges and universities:

  • Improve the excellence of individual institutions by doing something together that cannot be done as well – or at all – by a college or university on its own.
  • Reduce expenses at individual institutions through shared activities.

Collaboration creates opportunities for students and campus communities and enables efficiencies. ACL provides members extensive resources, insights, and shared experiences for achieving high quality higher education collaboration. 

Any organization, formal or informal, that is engaged in the coordination of collaborative endeavors by colleges and universities is eligible for membership.

ACL Members have access to...

Professional Development

Training, sharing, and resources for  collaboration leaders are available through virtual platforms and are offered free or at a discount to members.

The annual in-person conference is the most concentrated ACL networking activity.  It attracts partnership directors and leaders from higher education, government, business, and the public sector. Members receive significant registration discounts and early information about the conference.


This highly-supportive unique peer group provides invaluable shared learning, insight and resources for one another outside of conferences and meetings.